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A perfect plan for your Yellowstone trip

Yellowstone National Park

As a nature and animal lover, this trip was amazing. There is no right or wrong age for this trip. My biggest recommendation is to plan way ahead. There are nine lodges inside the National Park and they get booked months and months in advance. You will save time if you stay in the park since the lines of cars to get in at peak hours can be long.

We started our visit the first day on the West entrance after visiting Big Sky, MT for a few days, and we went straight to see the Firehole waterfall. Then we enjoyed some fun time at the Firehole river swimming area.

In the afternoon we went fishing on Yellowstone Lake. We booked an organized tour, they provided all the fishing gear, the boat and a captain to take us around and help us.
It’s very important to go with someone who knows a lot about fishing in the area. You need a permit to fish in the National Park and there are a few regulations to protect the native fish.
It was a lot of fun and we learned interesting facts about the kinds of fish in this lake, their history and the native fish conservation program.

Then we went back to the hotel and the restaurant at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel where we stayed prepared the fish we caught while we got ready for our delicious dinner.

Let the Dining Hall know in the morning that you are planning to go fishing and would like your fish prepared for dinner.

On our second day, in the morning we went on a Ranger guided walk, the ranger showed us different plants in the park, and talked about the wildlife. There are many interesting programs in the park throughout the day including an astronomy program in the evening. I would definitely encourage you to check the park calendar online before you go, or visit one of the visitor centers for more information.

We continued north on the Grand Loop road, which is the main road in the park, stopping to see Mud Volcano and the Dragons Mouth Spring and taking a detour in S Rim Drive to visit Artist Point. There are lots of trails and stops along the way in the park, depending on how many days you have, but those stops are some of the highlights you should visit.

On our last day, we started at the North Entrance, and visited the Mammoth Hot Springs in the morning.

Of course no visit to Yellowstone National Park is complete until you watch the Old Faithful Geyser erupt. The uncommon thing about this geyser is that experts at the park are able to predict the approximate time of the next eruption. When planning your day, look for information at the visitor centers, the lodges or the YNP app. People from all over the world visit YNP to watch this famous geyser.

Plan for some extra time in this area of the park because near the Old Faithful viewing area there is a very nice path that you can walk or bike to see more geysers and some amazing natural pools like the ones below.

Punch Bowl Spring
Morning Glory Pool

This completed our three day trip to the first US National Park.

We then headed south to the Grand Teton to continue our summer road trip, a post about this part our the trip coming soon.

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  1. Stan

    Thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to visiting Yellowstone. Your post inspired me to move it higher on my bucket list! Great pictures.

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