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Pictures that will make you want to visit Alaska

When our kids were younger, my mom, being the super grandma that she is, stayed with them for a week at our house so that we could go on vacation without the kids. We decided to go on a cruise to Alaska. I went with my grandparents when I was 15th and I wanted to go back with Harry, my husband.

One of our excursions was a whale watching photo safari. I was hoping to see a whale, or maybe a few, if we were lucky that day. I never imagined that we would enjoy a vivid display of a group of Humpback Whales feeding together. It was amazing, I could not believe my eyes. We got to see them several times as we cruised through the breathtaking Stephen Passage on our small-group, whale watching experience.

Another day we took a helicopter ride to a glacier. The fly itself was astonishing, over million-year-old glacial ice-fields.

We landed right on the ice and we walked around the glacier with our guide to explore glacial crevasses, moulins, glacial rivers, and waterfalls. Really impressive experience.

Because you need good weather for the helicopter ride, tours are often canceled. If you are on a cruise, try to book this excursion on the first port that it’s offered, in the case that it gets canceled, you can try again on the next port that it is available.

We took a Wildlife excursion in one of the ports during our trip an we were able to spot brown bears and fascinating hawks.

We visited a Salmon Hatchery and learned all their process for making and packing the delicious wild smoked sockeye salmon. And of course we bought some to bring home.

Visiting Alaska was an animal lover fairy-tail. Being surrounded by nature was peaceful and invigorating, I highly recommend visiting Alaska. In fact, I have been to Alaska three times, and I can’t wait to go back to visit by land and go to the Denali National Park.

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  1. rose m lewis

    Hi my name is Rose and I was reading about your Alaska trip! I happen to live in Alaska and have been for forty plus years. I am glad you had a great time cruising and on a helicopter ride! I have a travel blog of Alaska, I am working on and will work on until all cities in Alaska are on it. I wanted to show people what Alaska is all about. You have a nice blog keep up the good work!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for your message Rose. I will definitely be following your blog, I have been to Alaska 3 times, but have not been to Denali or many other beautiful places not reachable from the cruise ports, so I can’t wait to go back with the kids and do a trip by land instead of by cruise-ship.

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